20 Oct

How the maker movement is making life easier for entrepreneurs

DIY has always been a part of Australian culture. Now, there is a new wave of do-it-yourself gaining momentum across… [ continue reading ]

26 Mar

Funding 101: Where does the money come from? Article in Dynamic Business Magazine by Renata Cooper

After wrapping up the Forming Circles Kickstart Business Grant, it was a good indicator of how many of the 300 applications structured their businesses to grow via funding. Businesses go through different stages of funding depending on their lifecycle and it is worthwhile understanding these to develop a plan of growth. … [ continue reading ]

17 Mar

How to ask for money to grow a killer idea: Article by Renata Cooper for Women’s Agenda

So why the lack of women at this particular pitching event? Women need to overcome what could be an inherent hesitancy in seeking funding for their killer ideas. The below pointers could help: Illustrate the opportunity and talk about the vision, Be confident, Failure is good, Know your negotiation boundaries, Use numbers wisely, Showcase a clear ability to exit.… [ continue reading ]