17 Dec

What we need to do now for female entrepreneurs

The 19th November saw 144 countries, including Australia; observe the inaugural Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. Driven by the United Nations, the… [ continue reading ]

20 Oct

How the maker movement is making life easier for entrepreneurs

DIY has always been a part of Australian culture. Now, there is a new wave of do-it-yourself gaining momentum across… [ continue reading ]

20 Oct

Managing and Engaging with your Community

Conversations with your community One of the most discussed start-up success stories is Uber, the ride-sharing service operating globally from… [ continue reading ]

20 Oct

Sisters enjoy freedom of unshackled imagination

Teenage sisters Isobel and Josephine Crnkovic have transformed their avid fantasy fandom and become some of Canberra’s youngest published authors.… [ continue reading ]

17 Sep

Entrepreneurs are changing the World – One Community at a time by Renata Cooper

Mattel recently launched entrepreneur Barbie. Armed with a briefcase, smartphone, tablet and a pink dress, she launched her own LinkedIn… [ continue reading ]

16 Sep

Enter the Collaborative Economy by Janine Garner

Last week during one of Arianna Huffington’s speeches here in Sydney she said “It’s time to move from a competitive… [ continue reading ]

20 Aug

Renata Cooper one of 15 Australian Business Mentors talks to Business Insider

15 Australian Business Mentors Explain Why They Share Their Knowledge Sarah Kimmorley for Business Insider – August, 2014 Whether you’re… [ continue reading ]

18 Aug

Personal branding advice by Renata Cooper

  Personal branding advice articles are a dime a dozen. Thousands of different opinions are churned out every day. Most… [ continue reading ]

30 Jul

Home-Grown Health – Martine Doig speaks to Chef and author of ‘Naked Food’ Jane Grover

When was the last time you consciously looked down at the meal you were about to eat and asked yourself… [ continue reading ]

06 Jun

Belonging by Jeff Gilling

 Jeff Gilling explores the desire and need to belong and how it relates to business in the 21st Century.  The… [ continue reading ]