27 Jan

One for all, all for one: Collaboration in 2015

2015 will see us, as a society, work together more than we ever have in the past. Technology, shifting work… [ continue reading ]

17 Dec

What we need to do now for female entrepreneurs

The 19th November saw 144 countries, including Australia; observe the inaugural Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. Driven by the United Nations, the… [ continue reading ]

10 Dec

Aussie venture capitalists invest in CloudPeeps – The Age

Blogger, entrepreneur and former business journalist Kate Kendall’s latest venture CloudPeeps has secured seed funding led by Renata Cooper, of… [ continue reading ]

26 Nov

The US and us – what can we learn?

Earlier this month I was in San Francisco and New York. This was my first trip to the US as… [ continue reading ]

20 Oct

Forming Circles celebrates with Tickle the Imagination Magazine

We are proud to announce our appointment as one of Sydney’s Ambassadors for tickle the magination magazine. Published quarterly, tickle the… [ continue reading ]

17 Sep

Entrepreneurs are changing the World – One Community at a time by Renata Cooper

Mattel recently launched entrepreneur Barbie. Armed with a briefcase, smartphone, tablet and a pink dress, she launched her own LinkedIn… [ continue reading ]

16 Sep

How winning a Business Grant and Mentoring Program increases success for a business

Medals at Fine Food Awards, a nomination into this year’s AusMumpreneur and new markets opening up on the mainland. It’s… [ continue reading ]

16 Sep

Enter the Collaborative Economy by Janine Garner

Last week during one of Arianna Huffington’s speeches here in Sydney she said “It’s time to move from a competitive… [ continue reading ]

29 Aug

Women Who Inspire Us In 2014: Q&A with Alison Covington from Good360 Australia

“Giving of any kind… taking an action… begins the process of change, and moves us to remember that we are… [ continue reading ]

20 Aug

Visionary thinking should be a daily mantra by Renata Cooper

Visionary thinking should be a daily mantra by Renata Cooper, CEO of Forming Circles and angel investor – written for… [ continue reading ]