20 Oct

Sisters enjoy freedom of unshackled imagination

This article was originally published on The Chronicle - Canberra
Sisters enjoy freedom of unshackled imagination

Teenage sisters Isobel and Josephine Crnkovic have transformed their avid fantasy fandom and become some of Canberra’s youngest published authors.

The Spellcaster Chronicles Book One: The Scales of Time was born after the two Burgmann Anglican School students won Written Portraits, an annual writing competition for 13-18 year olds in September 2013.

Isobel, 16, said they had always written stories but for the first time had pitched a story they would write together.

“We had the idea before we entered,” she said. “We thought if we entered together and got the book deal then if we won it would be for both of us.”

The dedicated duo spent Friday evenings for close to six months writing and brainstorming ideas for characters, mythical creatures and fanciful magical powers.

The plot starts in a distant land, Ayurom, where those who practise magic are hunted down and killed.

“My character [Lian] was in hiding but Josie’s character [Tali] wasn’t because she didn’t realise she could do magic,” Isobel said.

“The characters embark on a quest to keep magic alive and along the way have to collect scales from ground, swamp, water and fire dragons.’’

The creativity to devise characters, creatures and magic was what appealed to them as fantasy readers – and now as authors.

“You can make up your own rules,”

Josephine, 15, said. “It doesn’t have to follow guidelines of today.”

Tali’s little brother Marty is bestowed with the power of transportility – a power created by the sisters which is a nifty mix of invisibility and teleportation.

The book plays on themes of good and evil and whether limits can be placed on magic.

After a successful Sydney launch, they are organising a launch in Canberra later this year and hope the book will be available in ACT.

■ The Spellcaster Chronicles Book One: The Scales of Time is available online at http://writtenportraits.com.au/product/spellcaster-chronicles-book-one-scales-time/

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By Georgina Connery for The Chronicle – Canberra

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