Nikki Fogden-Moore
13 Oct

Run Your Body Like Your Business

Run Your Body Like Your Business

Top 5 Fit Tips To Bring Balance Back While Running A Business

The best way to achieve wellness when you’re running your business full steam ahead, is to re­set your perspective on what a winning week, health and well being really looks like.

Throw out the old rules of long workouts and strict diets. Start doing regular exercise you enjoy and schedule your weekly fitness goals based around your schedule. It’s time to run your body like you do your business.

Whatever your age or fitness level you can bring fitness and vitality back into your daily life. Here are my top five wellness tips:

1. Fresh Air
Get outside. You don’t need a gym to look and feel your personal best. Lace up your shoes and head out the door of your hotel, home or office for at least 15 minutes. Combine cardio exercise with some body weight exercises on a daily basis. Move, get outside and don’t use old excuses of no time. Even a 15 minute fresh air session in the morning sets your day up. Use nature as your gym while you’re traveling for work.

2. Fresh Food
Go green – the darker the natural colour of fresh food the higher the level of nutritional value. Forget calorie counting and denial – just focus on adding quality food to your daily life. Stick to food as close as possible to it’s natural state. Pile up on salads and fresh foods when eating out and limit rich dressings, heavy meals and unnecessary carbs. No diets or fads just a straight forward approach to fresh healthy ingredients that tastes great and nourishes your body. Fresh is best.

3. Fresh Perspective
Throw out the old stories of needing an hour every day in the gym to workout and make a new plan for the life you have right now. Build your fitness around your travel, work and family life. Binge exercising is not sustainable and won’t create lasting results. Use the weekend to do something active for longer with your family, walk the dog EVERY morning you are at home or to decompress in the evening after a long day at work and use busy weekdays for express workouts, runs and body weight exercises.

4. Plan your winning week
Run your body like your business – plan health and fitness, time with friends, family and ME time into your weekly agenda like you would meetings or appointments. Schedule social catch ups with an activity that combines a workout and spending time with family or friends. Consistency is key. Pack your workout gear for travel, ensure you have healthy snacks and good food choices on the road. Don’t leave it to chance.

5. The 1% rule
Commit to fitness 1% of your day every day. If you put 14.4 minutes into your day for health and exercise you will be 100% off in 100 days! No excuses. Fedex is not sending you a new body tomorrow so best make your health and well being a part of your day. It’s about healthy habits as part of your life. Don’t wait. As you kick­start your personal journey into being your fit, healthy self – remember it’s about balance. Focus on what you can add to your life rather than what you have to give up. Integrate this as a lifestyle not just at home, but in the wider sense of your world. The impact will be amazing.

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