10 Mar

Renata Cooper nominated for top 10 Dare Devil Women in Dare Magazine

Renata Cooper nominated for top 10 Dare Devil Women in Dare Magazine

Renata Cooper was nominated as one of Dare Magazine’s Top 10 Dare Devil Women. All 10 women were highlighted in Dare’s March issue.


Your vision is the wind beneath your wings when you’re flying high, and also when you’re feeling weighed down by challenges” ~Renata Cooper

You can start small by gauging feedback, testing the waters and learning from your experience. However, dreaming big shapes your vision. Pick the biggest players in the field you want to be in and investigate how they got there. While hard work counts, visualising success and working backwards is the killer strategy.

Create sustainable financial strategies for your life and businesses. Monitoring and managing cash flow is important, however understanding how money impacts your vision is critical. Whether you’re buying a house or setting up a multi-million dollar business, the fundamentals remain the same. Focus on creating the highest profit margin from salary or sales to realise your vision.

Live your dream and do what you love best. This doesn’t mean you should quite your current position to open a restaurant or start a travel blog. However, if you feel passionate about food or travel, make it happen. Speak to people, seek out support groups and find out what it takes to bring your dream to life.

To read the article in full and see the other nine Dare Devil Women, please follow this link

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