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17 Sep

The Power of Using Social Media Live At Events

The Power of Using Social Media Live At Events

We all attend business events & conferences to network and support our business owner friends. We do this to increase our client list and improve our brand awareness in the marketplace but do you leverage from your physical time by sharing these experiences on social media while you are there? Participating in using social media live activity is a strong way to develop your brand presence and increase business growth.

We all carry around with us an amazing social networking tool in our hand EVERY waking hour of our day and it is sorely under utilised to market yourself and your business on social media when attending business events. There is a number of reasons why you should take the 5 minutes out (hint: take a toilet break) at your next business event to combine it with using social media live activity but here is my top three:

Reach of Audience

Sharing something live about a business event is a great way to reach a larger audience than what you can physically speak to on the day. Others who are at the event may know you but not aware you are there until they see it on social media. A comment underneath a photo or check in may be all it takes to initiate a conversation with this person that may lead to something.

Increase of Brand & Business Leads

Often not all who know you can attend the business event as well. Your social posts allow them to ‘be involved’ without physically being there. There engagement with your social posts means they are sharing the event in front of their own social networks automatically. This means live tweeting or posting becomes a great opportunity to pick up new followers who could end up referral leads.

Develop New Business Relationships

Most business events and the venue it is being held in have a social presence – a Facebook Page, an Events page, LinkedIn group AND a signature hashtag. Leverage from this by doing your research early and engage in conversations in these spaces. A little tip for on the day of the event is to create a note on your phone of all the other active business handles and hashtags you have discovered from these conversations and use them in your live tweets and posts. Mention or tag the other business handles and initiate conversations within hashtag threads.

Preparation is the key to successfully leveraging from live social media activity and if social media is an important part of your overall marketing plan well worth taking the time to do. Not only will live event tweeting and posting establish a strong brand awareness of you and your business, but it will increase your following and draw ideal like minded clients to you. Because now you are engaging with people who are social users, and therefore over time will interact with your social presence and expose your business further to their own networks.

Great examples of using social media live to boost exposure of your business events is the recent launch of Written Portraits and Forming Circles CEO, Renata Cooper’s radio interview on Eagle Waves radio with Nicole Watson from CBA Women In Focus. By being prepared and engaging with the other active social members behind the scenes of these events and the businesses engaging with posts/tweets created a lot of buzz and increased the social presence of Forming Circles. This in turn then assists Forming Circles to reach it’s marketing and business goals.


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