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How CloudPeeps is changing the world, one freelancer at a time

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How CloudPeeps is changing the world, one freelancer at a time

When CloudPeeps reached out to book a Breather space for their Freelance Friday event series, we were pretty thrilled. Kate Kendall, CloudPeep’s founder, has been booking our spaces since their humble beginnings in both New York and San Francisco. Kate has a wealth of experience to draw from, both working with and developing remote teams. Here, she generously shares her thoughts on productivity, wellness and beyond.

First off, what is CloudPeeps all about?
CloudPeeps is an on-demand talent marketplace that matches businesses with the world’s top freelancers, content and marketing professionals to help meet their growth goals.

We make it easier for founders, small business owners, agencies and professional services to build their community and businesses.

We also facilitate first-time freelancers to take the dive into working independently, as well as help long-term freelancers find exciting new clients.

To us, CloudPeeps really embodies a collaborative and supportive environment for community and social media freelancers. How have you and your team been using Breather?
I’ve been using Breather since the early days of our company. One of my first use cases was for filming a startup accelerator application!

The CloudPeeps team is fully-distributed – we have folks in Berlin, Brooklyn, Chicago, San Francisco and Orange County! Almost all of us work from home, do bi-annual team retreats and only need a communal space every week or so. It doesn’t make sense to sign up for daily co-working memberships.

When we need to do a brainstorm or whiteboard session – we’ll head over to a Breather.

Your social channels are filled with engaging posts to motivate, inspire and help community centric freelancers. What are your essential productivity tips for freelancers?
First, make sure you’re working on something that you love, and also that you have a strong financial foundation that covers your living costs.

Even though you work for yourself, create a strong routine and structure – work set hours, and take off weekends as much as possible. Sleep!

When you are feeling flat or low on energy – don’t punish yourself. Get outside, go for a long walk or Skype with a fellow freelancer.

Exercise, exercise, exercise! I’ve recently joined ClassPass – it’s a great way for trying out different classes every day or so without the commitment and cost of a gym.

Finally, make sure you focus on the job at hand to be done. It’s easy to trawl social channels or procrastinate while in a link-clicking vortex, and not realize you’re working at 50% productivity. I have RescueTime installed in my browser, which means I can see exactly where my time is going.

You’ve recently been featured in an Inc article about the toll entrepreneurship can take on mental health. What role do you think work environment and physical space play in mental wellness?
It’s incredible how much the environment affects your mental health! When I was living in Brooklyn, I was in a ground floor apartment with very little light, so working from home during winter was a bit depressing. When I moved back to San Francisco, I sprung for somewhere much brighter. I love how beautifully-lit all of the Breather spaces are, too.

As an entrepreneur, I’m facing uncertainty and challenging situations daily – it’s like being on a never-ending rollercoaster! As a result, I like to have control over my immediate working environment. I remove clutter, seek quiet spaces and make sure I have a good desk and chair. This helps create some much-needed peace and comfort.

You’ve been an enthusiastic, bi-coastal member of our Breather community since we launched in New York. What’s your favorite space?
My favorite space to date has been the absolutely huge 510 Mission locale. The exposed brick wall, long table, flatscreen monitor, kitchen and bathroom make it a perfect location for an event or all-hands meeting.

In terms of one of the best views of downtown San Francisco and for alone time, you can’t go wrong with Montgomery.

Most memorable moment in a Breather? Go…
In a recent Freelance Friday meetup, we outgrew the space at 381 Bushwhen some unexpected (but welcome) attendees came along. The local team at Breather kindly came along with some fold-out chairs in tow like champions!

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