02 May

CEO Message: Your Vision Ignites a Passion

CEO Message: Your Vision Ignites a Passion

I often get asked what Forming Circles is, and sometimes even what my vision is. For many people these are questions they struggle with. They will say, “I do this” or “I make that”, but what is it that makes you get out of bed, what gets you excited?

It is my belief that in any business or endeavour true success grows out of a clear vision – it is the vision that turns a product into an experience. This is what makes you always strive to reach new heights of achievement and will ignite the passion of those around you.

Our new tagline, “Creating Social & Ethical Investment Stories” is the essence of our vision. We believe that each of us has a responsibility, and the ability to create ripples, to improve our community locally and even globally. In our own activities this means I am always looking for those things that have the potential to create a positive impact and I hope inspire others to do the same.

I know if we can expand the awareness of Forming Circles and it’s vision we can make the connections with the people and causes that share our vision of social & ethical investment.

In each of us I think there is an innate goodness and we all have the potential to make changes in our community. It might be in supporting something you believe in or raising the awareness of community issues and worthwhile causes. As we get busier and busier, sometimes it is easier to stand by and let someone else do it but we all have our own vision to share and by raising awareness of your vision this is where you can create a powerful movement for change.

If you are a follower of Forming Circles then you will see what you might perceive as random acts of giving, but it is all part of a strategy that aligns with my vision of creating a greater good through social & ethical investment.

I look at the falling standards of education in Australia and I believe our youth need not just education but also inspiration to achieve and excel. It is for this reason that I am a strong supporter of Australian literature and why through Forming Circles we started Written Portraits, a national writing competition for teenagers, and are a major sponsor of the Sydney Writers Festival.

Network Central Breakfast SeriesI also believe in the power of women in business. At our core we are creatures of growth and inspiration and when we apply this to business we can grow truly great businesses. This is why I actively support communities where I feel this is fostered. I find inspiration in communities like Network Central, Australian Women’s Chamber Commerce & Industry (AWCCI), She Business and  Little Black Dress Group where they inspire collaborative learning and networking for women in business.

For me it has been my own personal mission to create a positive change in our community, but I believe that if we all raise our voices high enough we can attract attention and pioneer a movement through social & ethical investment that will attract the attention of large corporates and government.

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