Success Mindset
13 Oct

Thinking About Success

Mindset plays a big part in the level of achievement reached by successful individuals & businesses. Kim McGuinness shares her insights on the impact her mindset had on the success of her business… [ continue reading ]

24 Feb

Companion Networking

Kim McGuiness discusses the importance of companion networking and how finding the right mentor relationship can create opportunity for reflection, action and progress for both parties and, in most cases, just as valuable for the mentor as the mentee. … [ continue reading ]

20 Dec

How to build your reputation in 2014

How to build your reputation among your business networking circles… [ continue reading ]

Preparing Financial Future
25 Sep

Preparing Our Kids for Their Financial Future

Sometimes my mind wanders.  Sometimes it is a pleasant daydream reliving good times, thinking about my kids or designing a… [ continue reading ]