13 Oct

Speaking up is everything when it comes to being heard and generating real influence

Masterful speaking is essential to stand-out in business leadership today and in many ways, always has been. While the online… [ continue reading ]

28 Aug

Money and the Ick Factor

Earlier this year I was asked to speak to a group of women at a screening of 50 Shades of… [ continue reading ]

14 Aug

4 lessons for startups from the demise of Zirtual

In October 2014, Wall Street Journal wrote about how, in strong startup markets such as San Francisco, as funding poured… [ continue reading ]

08 Aug

This tech start-up has taken finding a venue for your event down from 6 weeks to just 6 minutes

Award winning event tech start-up iVvy is revolutionising the events industry by centralising function spaces and group accommodations for the… [ continue reading ]

06 Aug

Meet the woman investing millions in female startups

It won’t be long before Australia sees one of its great female entrepreneurs celebrating a significant business exit, according to… [ continue reading ]

Renata Cooper
28 Jul

This angel investor is looking to invest $500,000 in women-led tech start-ups over the next 3 years

Forming Circles Global (FCG), headed by CEO and founder Renata Cooper (pictured), has launched in Australia as a unique angel… [ continue reading ]

24 Jul

Forming Circles Global to invest $500,000 in women-led startups through new angel investment fund

Forming Circles, an organisation launched in Australia in 2011 to support small business, innovation, and charitable projects, has evolved into Forming… [ continue reading ]

Forming Circle Global launches
22 Jul

Forming Circles Global launches as a unique angel investment organisation – Half a million AUD to be invested over three years

Forming Circles Global (FCG), headed by CEO and founder Renata Cooper, launched in Australia as a unique angel investment organisation created… [ continue reading ]

22 Jul

Renata Cooper funds Forming Circles for angel investment

Angel investor Renata Cooper is creating a fund under the banner of Forming Circles Global, with an aim to invest… [ continue reading ]

12 Jun

Straight Talk: Greig’s Technology Ride Paying Off

James Greig is set to revolutionise the events industry with the launch of an “Expedia or Wotif solution” for Australia’s… [ continue reading ]