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FCG is a unique angel investment and mentoring organisation that predominantly invests in women-led technology startups. It is a strong advocate for the financial empowerment of women through sustained action such as education, collaboration, mentorship, grants and investments that support the growth of ideas, innovation and economic opportunities.

Started by Renata Cooper, FCG is funded by Forming Circles Fund, which encourages entrepreneurship and economic growth through intuitive investments in startups, small businesses and communities. FCG is focused on building The Founders Circle of entrepreneurs through meaningful collaborations that helps companies in their endeavor to achieve successful exits.

The organisation also supports social enterprises in finding new solutions to social, environmental and economic problems globally.


Renata Cooper

Renata Cooper is a visionary entrepreneur and angel investor creating opportunities for market disruptors. She is one of Australia’s foremost female angel investors helping transform innovative ideas into business realities.

She is a member of Scale Investors, muru-D mentor, and a regular industry commentator for leading media titles. Through her investment portfolio, Renata is also a non-executive director of iVvy.

Since 2011 when she launched Forming Circles as a social and ethical investment company, Renata has invested in over 100 businesses, individuals and organisations.

Forming Circles has focused on women in business, literacy and youth empowerment causes including:

A Cautionary Tail

AFI award winning anti-bullying short film and mobile app featuring the voice of Cate Blanchett


Written Portraits

A national writing competition for teenagers that resulted in the publication of 5 books written by Australian school students


tickle the imagination

Australia’s leading magazine for the handmade/artisan community


The 2013 Sydney Writers Festival

Bringing together authors of the very best contemporary fiction and writers of cutting edge nonfiction


Griffith Review Novella Competition

Griffith Review - The Novella Project III Competition

Griffith Review has been at the forefront of reviving novellas in Australia. This is a competition that is open to Australian & New Zealand writers and Novella III is published with the support of Forming Circles.


Livvi’s Place, Ryde

An all-inclusive playground for all abilities

More information….

Chalk Urban Art Documentary

Chalk Urban Art Festival features Australia’s largest 3D street art



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We believe that as individuals and businesses we all have a responsibility to give back for the common good. Here are some of the organisations we support