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14 May

5 Steps to Building a Quality Facebook Following

5 Steps to Building a Quality Facebook Following

The credibility we put on collecting a quantity of people instead of building a quality Facebook following is actually damaging your business behind the scenes.

Without going into a great lot of detail I’ll explain in a nutshell how focusing on numbers actually does the reverse of what you are trying to achieve – be seen in your likers news feed. Facebook determines your posts relevancy based on a ratio of what percentage of people actually engage with you from the numbers that like you. So if you have a ton of irrelevant people liking you and only 1 or 2 actually engaging with your posts – then Facebook won’t give your posts the light of day to your likers news feed. According to the stats you just don’t provide any interest.

Some of you are saying – this is me! My ‘talking about’ is only 5!

So how do you fix this? Use these 5 steps to building a quality Facebook following:

1. Never Buy Facebook Likes

Let’s face it, this is the WORST shortcut you do. Most of these are not only fake profiles set up purely for this purpose but their IP locations are another country – and that really messes with how Facebook categorises who your page is most relevant to if a large portion of your following is in Instanbul! You also reduce the effectiveness of any Facebook ad campaigns because you can’t select to use the best conversion option ‘friends of current likers’ because you’ll just attract more of the same. If your strategy is to grow your brand through engagement or grow sales from building a loyal following then don’t do this – you’ll be paying so much more than $5 on Fiverr for a long time!!

2. Restrict Who Sees Your Page

I’d be concerned if you didn’t have a clue which country your most ideal clients lived. For most


of us we are only wanting to work with Australians, so restricting your page only to be seen to this country is going to increase the quality of your following, therefore the possible conversion of business growth. Alternatively, you can always restrict which countries don’t see your page, such as Instanbul, India, Pakistan etc if these are never going to be your targeted client countries.

setting age restrictions

If your service or product is sold to a certain age group you can even select to hide your page from the less ideal customer. This is particular useful for businesses such as Niteclubs and Bars. You will find any of these options under ‘Edit Settings’ labelled ‘Country Restrictions’ & ‘Age Restrictions’.

3. Customise Settings in Facebook Ads

Facebook made using ads easier by creating certain defaults based on who they think you should be targeting. In most cases it’s too broad and not enough is selected to identify your ideal promote pagefollower. To attract more likes the best advert is to use a Likes ad which will let you create up to 6 images with varying messages to test and measure which draws more attention. 1 of these images is by default your cover image and the other 5 could be to promote your funnel offers.

My best recommendation is to run these continuously setting a budget per day and pausing any offers or changing images and texts by reviewing them regularly. This is something I teach small businesses to do in my agency’s Facebook marketing workshop and the most time and cost effective social media lead generating ad they can use regularly.

4. Post Great Content Regularly

There is no point to using social media, adding the links to your website or emails and paying to drive customers to your Facebook Page if you are not providing any regular interesting content for them to even engage with! In fact, this can do your brand damage – it gives the message that perhaps behind the scenes you are not organised, not interested in your customers or worse still – no longer in business if the last update was over 6 months ago!

Facebook has a FREE scheduling tool. It is unlimited in how many posts you schedule and a great way to keep your page active with decent content that will convince people you’re worth liking. A task worth doing especially after the effort of sharing the space with them in the first place. To understand how to use the scheduling tool you can follow the ‘how to’ steps here.

A point to make here is to make sure your posts are varied in content and looks visually appealing to a new visitor. Not all content is judged as engaging by Facebook so planning the sequence and timing of different types of posts is important to – especially when you add link posts to draw people out of Facebook to your website. Using insights to see what past posts work and what day or time in the week most followers are in Facebook will help you schedule more successfully.

5. Use Appropriate Promotions & Prizes

Too often I see giveaways and contests to build likes and email databases that don’t target the business’ ideal customer. Mortgage Brokers giving away iPads is a classic example, I mean I’m sure everyone signing up to win an iPad is in the market to purchase a home aren’t they? It’s generally not even the same age bracket who can afford to!

Identify the audience and then match the promotion to their needs. Going into the draw to win a $500 gift voucher in your fashion or jewellery store is at least going to target the people who would like to wear your designs. It is also a great way to convert a winner into a customer because the prize requires them to engage with your brand and customer service experience. They also become ‘word of mouth’ marketing every time they wear your brand when someone comments on the design.

The visual credibility we have developed around a business’ Facebook Likes quantity unfortunately will never go away and all businesses have to start at zero. So by implementing these 5 steps to building a quality Facebook following and not being tempted to take costly shortcuts will soon have you seeing your engagement and ‘talking about’ number go up. Once the momentum starts Facebook will then give you more ‘air time’ in the news feeds because now they think you are relevant!

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